research notebook and document Manager

Everybody engaged in family history research goes through the process at some time of asking themselves the following questions;

Where did I read about that?

  • I have it here somewhere, but where did I put it?
  • What did I put it under?
  • I am sure that I have seen that name before?  and the list goes on.

Many family history software packages on the market today will allow the recording of references to external documents specific to a person. These external documents are often stored in filing systems which are usually accessed through manually maintained indexes, or by the application of a referencing system with inherent significance in its structure, sometimes very complex.

What do you do with the bits of information not directly associated with individuals or families? For example: articles on convict living conditions; Ships arriving into Moreton Bay in 1875; Items that catch your eye on one of the many discussion groups that you subscribe to; The mounting collection of e-mails surrounding a person or family but where there is still insufficient information to confirm your suspicions; A letter from Aunt Mary, etc.

Genota allows the user to create notes pertaining to individuals, events or in fact any subject matter and to each note link documents, associate individuals, record research efforts and results and log correspondence. Notes can be organised in Notebooks, each specific to an area of research. Persons using Legacy Family Tree® can link their family files, making their contents visible with a Notebook.

Genota comes into it’s own in that it can handle all of these types of information and much more, irrespective of the format, including Items stored on a computer network linked to the computer where Genota is installed. Genota managed information stored on your computer may be readily retrieved and viewed without leaving Genota using standard internal file associations, as can information stored in family history software packages. In addition, Genota provides the capability to search and view information across notes thus providing a powerful analysis tool.

Multiple Views

View notes specific to a notebook, or only the active notes, correspondence, people or research undertaken.

Fully Configurable

Create multiple notebooks each fully configurable to meet your specific requirements and different llinage linked family files.

Enhanced editing

Enhanced editing of notes to enable allow  information to be displayed to your preferred style

Transcription Tool

A built in transcriber with basic OCR capability to allow for easy transcriber of documents and images into notes or spreadsheets.

Map Places

View and geolocate places using iweb based mapping.

Multiple notebooks

Create as many fully searchable notebooks as required, each configured independently.

Correspondence Log

Keep track or research correspondence with the capability to paste emails or enter details of the correspondence. 

included persons

Keep track of all people associated with your research  by recording them along with a note and connect to a family file.

research log

Includes a fully featured research log with the facility to record and access web links and view associated documents and images attached to research items.

Key features of Genota

  • Create unlimited notebooks for each family group, subject, etc.
  • Ability to link to Legacy® Family Tree software packages
  • The number of notes that can be stored is only limited by computer resources
  • Centrally managed categories accessible by all notebooks
  • Supports user defined file numbering system as well as system generated references
  • Centralised address book accessible by all notebooks
  • Facilities to record unlimited contact points for each address book repository
  • Facility to record all resources stored by an address book entry, together with call number and storage location
  • Ability to record all persons, their roles and events related to a notebook entry
  • Provision to analyse all occurrences of a name across a notebook
  • Fully featured correspondence log with the ability to store full details of the correspondence
  • Facility to record and report on items requiring additional research
  • Full text search capability across all primary note and address book fields
  • Transcription module with the facility to extract text from PDF files or images
  • 24/7 e-mail support with guaranteed 24 hour response

Genota is available in 2 versions; 

Standard Edition
Free lifetime use 
Limited functionality

Premium Edition 
License required 
Full functionality 

When initially installed Genota launches as a Premium Edition, which after 14 days will revert to the free Basic Edition unless a premium licence is purchased.

All purchases are support by maintenance support and free upgrades to all major versions for 12 months from purchase