Products and services

Why we are different?

Software developed by THE DATA STORE is not designed to compete or to replace lineage linked software packages typically used by family historians. It is designed to complement existing programs by providing applications that facilitate organised, user defined and searchable structures in which to store and manage the supporting evidence and miscellaneous items collected along the research journey, information such as that about towns and locations, local and historical events, as well as that about your ancestors.


Manage, analyse and store miscellaneous information gathered during on your research journey 

REsource library

Catalogue and manage files, documents and images used in your research stored on your PC and elsewhere.

Gedcom builder

Facilitates the creation of standard Gedcom files from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets.

Date Calculator

A free utility which enables the calculation of event dates for both Windows® and MACOS® operating systems 


Designed to manage passwords and software license and subscription information.

All purchased licenses include maintenance support and free upgrades to all versions released for 12 months.

All previous customers requiring access to legacy files and documentation please contact me directly.

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