GedCom Builder is a tool which enables the creation of standard gedcom files from Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets.

From within the application a specially formatted spreadsheet can be created, ready to populate with information targeted for lineage linked family software or online family trees. This approach is a huge advantage over manually having to enter each entry in a lineage linked family software package or onto an online family tree as the full functionality of a spreadsheet is available for structuring the information as required.

All the basic elements encompassing births, baptisms, deaths, burials and marriages are addressed within GedCom Builder, and the linking of parents and spouses to individuals is as simple as placing an identifier against an individual.

Sources, citations and notes can also be included.

GedCom Builder is available in 2 versions; 

Standard Edition 
Free lifetime use 
Functionality limited to 20 records, i.e. Only the first 20 rows of a spreadsheet will be loaded and for output as a GedCom file.

Premium Edition 
License required 
Full functionality 

When initially installed GedCom Builder launches as a Premium Edition, which after 14 days will revert to the free Basic Edition unless a licence key is purchased.

All purchases are support by maintenance support and free upgrades to all major versions for 12 months .