Keywi : The password manager

Information, updates, tips and other useful tidbids to get the most out of Keywi

Version Information

Lastest Release: 11.0.8247
Release Date    : 31 July 2022

Using Keywi for the first time

If you are a newcomer to Keywi it may seem a little complex and unwieldy at first, but in actual fact it is quite simple to use once familiar with its workings.

To get started select the FAQ section of the User Guide.

Should you run into difficulties or need some guidance feel free to email us

User Guide

To assist in getting the best out of Keywi consult the User Guide. This online edition always contains information on the latest changes to Keywi and hints on what to do when things go astray.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I retrieve my login password

If you incorrectly enter your Login Password 3 times, a dialog box will display requesting your email address. Enter that as used when registering Keywi then press OK and an email will be sent you containing a Recovery Code.

Select Recover Password from under the Tools menu to display the Password Recovery dialog. Enter the Recovery Code received in the email and press Reset to clear Login Password and then select Change Login to create a new password.