Resource Library

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Version Information

Lastest Release: 2.3.8768
Release Date    : 3 January 2024

Using Resource Library for the first time

If you are a newcomer to Resource Library, welcome.

Should you run into difficulties or need some guidance feel free to email us.

User Guide

To assist in getting the best out of Resource Library consult the User Guide. This online edition always contains the latest information on Resource Library together with hints on what to do when things go astray.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Basic Edition of Resource Library has the following features disabled. 

  • Import of resources from a spreadsheet
  • Export of resource to a spreadsheet
  • Import lists of people from a spreadsheet
  • Load resource filenames from folders located on PC
  • Bulk changing of category names
  • Delete multiple records by category
  • Bulk deletion of records
  • Delete a resource including all linked physical files on PC
  • Rename a physical file linked to a resource